Preseli Hills that inspires me ...

Carn Menyn, Mynydd Preseli by imaginedhorizons
Carn Menyn, Mynydd Preseli, a photo by imaginedhorizons on Flick

What a magical place ! 
I really love Wales and all his awesome lands !

The Preseli Hills is the place where the stones of  Stonehenge come from  and
I wanted to make some work in homage for that wonderful place . A lot of people does not even know that the mégalhites of the circle of Stonehenge results from this place

So here's the first pendant :

Preseli Crystal pendant

The beautiful and large Quartz healing point is assembled with a polymère clay sculpture that have the aspect of the Preseli Stone, with tones of grey and blue , and with a tibetan Turquoise .

Both handmade and charged at the Full Moon

length: 5.5 cms

Come with a organic hemp cord

Preseli Hills

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Carn Edward with view to Cerrig 
 Lladron, Preseli
The Preseli Hills or Preseli Mountains (Welsh: Mynydd Y Preseli / Y Preselau—also spelt Presely) (and also recorded as Mynydd Prescelly[1]) are a range of hills in north Pembrokeshire, West Wales. They form part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

The hills rise to 536 metres above sea level at Foel Cwmcerwyn and are dotted with prehistoric remains, including evidence of Neolithic settlement. In 1923 the petrologist Herbert Henry Thomas identified that bluestone from the hills corresponded to that used to build the inner circle of Stonehenge,[2] and more recent geologists have identified Carn Menyn, sometimes called Carn Meini, as one of the bluestone sources.[3] Others theorise that bluestone from the area was deposited close to Stonehenge by glaciation.[4]
Slate quarrying was once an important industry in the Preseli Hills, and remnants of the quarries can still be seen in Rosebush, Pembrokeshire. There is a workshop at Llangolman where slate is used to make a variety of craft items.
During the Second World War, the UK War Office used the Preseli Hills for training exercises. Its continued use after the war was the subject of protest by Plaid Cymru.

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