Twisted Ash and Amethyst wand : "Cerridwen song "

This powerful and awesome wand is a very unique tool !

I've crafted her in a Ash branch, naturally twisted and have a look at the awesome colours of the wood and its softness !
The massive and beaufitul Amethyst is dressed with organic purple and grey wool , a spiral shell, and a Singing Crystal point

Singing Quartz Crystals have a very clear and sweet resonance when they are allowed to gently touch one another. The sound creates a very powerful high pitched OM vibration. These lovely little singing crystals are wonderful for opening and clearing away blocked energy. You can also use them to communicate with your spirit guide, Angel and other celestial beings. Singing Quartz will also clear, energise and align the entire chakric system and can also be used to clear, repair and protect our aura.

I've left the bark for forming the handdle of the wand and I put a little silver pentacle to adorn it

This wand is under the protection of the Goddess Cerridwen

This beautiful piece is nourrish by precious oil blend of natural oils and essential oils, to protect it from negative energies and to remove any negative vibration and for the beauty of wood it really smell divine !
Polish with organic beewax to give a beautiful finish and a good protection to the wood


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