Goddess Brighid talisman

This talisman is dedicated to the beautiful Celtic Goddess Brighid.She's my heart Goddess <3

I wanted to honor Her with this pendant in driftwood naturally pierced what gave me the idea to fill it with Alchemilla, the sacred herb of Brighid and close it with a beautiful healing Quartz , one of Brighid powers!

The Brighid cross is pyrographed. this symbol associated with the goddess represents a sun wheel and a powerful protector providing a very positive and creative energy!

It measures 8 cms long

The goddess Brighid

Brighid is arguably the Most Important goddess in British history yet MOST of what was known of her has-been lost with the oral tradition That fostered her devotion. Written sources: such as "Sanas Chormaic" (Glossary of Cormac) and "Leabhar Ghabhala" (Book of Conquests), dates from the 9th and 12th centuries respectively. This is long Established Effective St. Brighid her community at Kildare so we Have to be careful Abebooks web do not construct a goddess from our knowledge of the holy. The Irish Celtic scholar, An t-Athair Sean O'Quinn Rightly says, "It is an exercise in futility to try and separate the historical Christian Brighid from the Goddess since Clearly the two are so interwoven."
Brighid is the Goddess of healing, (smith) craft and poetry, useful and inspired wisdom. She is the Goddess of fire, the hearth and energy. She is the Goddess of fertility and is said to lean over every cradle. She is associated with sovereignty and protection of her islands and the sea.

Today, many places in the British Isles bear her name. As "Brigantia" she Gave her name to the Celtic lands of the North of England. Rivers are named aussi Effective Including her, Afon (River) Braint, the longest river on Ynys Mon (Anglesey), Brent, London, and Brue, Somerset.

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