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~ The 6 Disciplines Of Witchcraft ~

A witch has no higher discipline than when she falls on her own proverbial sword. Far from the fanciful image so recklessly promoted by some, the witch’s work with the gods, and magic is coveted by an intense striving toward self-mastery, and inner-alignment.

The source of a witch’s power is not in the wands she owns, or in the capes she wears…it is in her very distinguished mastery of the world within her, which upon continuous refining transmutes and begins to represent a microcosm; a scaled-down, though ever-tangible reflection of the world that exists around her – and it is through this that she can manifest her will with enough force, and motion that she is able to directly influence time, space, and matter – OR – wield magic.

To master the use of magic, you must trek inward into yourself, delving deeply into the wild places within, seeking mastery of beasts you find lurking there, who are but the personal challenges we face within the dark void of our inner-most fears, and inhibitions.

Below are 6 disciplines that govern the passions of the witch, and her journey inward through the wild places. The wild place is a mindscape, a world that is untamed, and full of tribulation. It is with discipline, and self-mastery that one goes from being a child lost in a dangerous wilderness – to a warrior, and a hunter who is one with the wilderness, and has mastered it.

* The 6 Disciplines Of Witchcraft *

1. The Discipline Of The Brave

Dominion: The God
Arcane Wisdom: Mastery Of Fear

The mastery of fear is paramount, and is the first inner trial any witch meets; for without the mastering of fear, you will never venture into the wild places to make claim on all it offers to teach you about your craft. The wild places are full of shadows, and darkness. Those shadows are parts of you that have grown stagnant, and are dangerously festering.

Throughout this trial, the order of Goddess permeates your journey, and you are forced to face the chaos within you – to weed out the over-growth of anything that hinders you, or any that may cross your path. For with power comes great responsibility, and trust – foreknowledge, wisdom, and deep insight give the witch a great power to impress on her surroundings, and such attributes are not easily founded.

We do not always know the things that hinder us within the wild places; but we must trust that within the providence of the order of Goddess, that all is as it should be, will be, or might be, and that fear is a self-preserving reaction that should always be kept in close check.

2. The Discipline Of The Un-bounded Will

Dominion: The God
Arcane Wisdom: True Will

The first discipline teaches us to relinquish fear, and it is in this first discipline that we are given the first tool to aid us in the journey; the ability to know, and respect our true will. The type of fear that inhibits true will is the type of fear that is a reaction that causes us to recoil when we are faced with undesirable truth – or “our shadows”.

The layer of illusion that falls around us, created by the ego and misdirected wills of all those that would sustain its fallacy, cannot define your true will. But it is through reflecting on the layer of illusion around us, and then within ourselves, that we are able to define falsity, and fear, from true will – for all people are first corrupted by innocence, and are primarily without their true form.

Once you know your true will, and have formed a deep respect of this, you will never infringe, or intrude on another beings true will – and you will have learned to honour the chaos, or conflict of the will of another as part of the divine order of Goddess.

3. The Discipline Of Divine Mother

Dominion: The Goddess
Arcane Wisdom: Compassion & Empathy

In the discipline before this, you are taught to define, and to honour the true will of all beings, and it is in this honour that you learn unrestricted compassion, and empathy, and a deep love for the people, and animal kin. The witch has a special relationship to the people, and to our animal kin. She is the wise, and the unbiased healer, counselor, confidant, and carer. Though she cannot do any of these things if she cannot be compassionate, or empathic to those who would charge her with these duties.

Through the discipline of Divine Mother, you are able to channel the true connectivity between all things – and appreciate the manifestations of Goddess in all the facets, and forms they take. And it is in the understanding of this divine connectivity that you are able to grasp the deeper knowledge of all things, for it is within knowledge of all things, and through empathy, that the witch gains her true power – wisdom.

4. The Discipline Of The Transmutation

Dominion: The God(
Arcane Wisdom: Knowledge & Wisdom

When the witch is completely committed to the charges of her role among the people, she is given access to knowledge through exposure to the many emanations of Goddess found within the people, and our animal kin. This knowledge is a gathering of her awareness of the divine connectivity of all things, and it is through the previous discipline that she is able to transmute her knowledge, and experience of the emanations of Goddess, into wisdom.

Wisdom is acknowledgement, acceptance, and finally the adherence to a profound absolute of the subtle aspect of ones perceptions, and experiences. It is deep realization, and inner-confirmation of the occult meaning, and philosophical transmutation of the reality of the human experience. Wisdom empowers its heirs with the ability to find reason and meaning, and resolution, where none can be found. It allows the one who wields it to be enriched by the complexity found in the layer of illusion, and to ultimately transmute the fallacies within it into truth, and insight.

5. The Discipline Of Divine Order

Dominion: The God(Sage)
Arcane Wisdom: Order & Chaos

The order of Goddess is essentially the canvas of expression upon which all of us impress our wills; it is the laws that govern the exercising of will, and expression within the cosmos.

It is the process, cycle, system, and flow in which all things in existence are bound to. It is the consecutive, and successive events that we experience that are defined by our actions, or non-actions. It is the nexus anomaly, or a collective weaving of the cause, and effect of the application of many wills.

When the witch has mastered the previous discipline, and can transmute wisdom from the fallacies found within the layer of illusion, she becomes at one with the order of Goddess – it is at this point that she is able to command a great deal of influence upon reality, and can work a impressive, and formidable magic. Through her deep comprehension of the many emanations of Goddess, she gains access to immense arcane wisdom, and becomes “Wisest among the wise”, or Goddess-incarnate – a title that honours her for her determination towards self-mastery for the benefit of all that might, or may.

6. The Discipline Of The Divine Fool

Dominion: The Goddess(Crone)
Arcane Wisdom: Continuum & Evolution

The disciplines are like a hedge maze on a stairwell, you will go up and down, backward and forward, all the while never truly venturing from the one place. The ability to transmute the fallacies found in the layer of illusion means that you yourself must be able to transmute all fallacies found in the part of the layer of illusion, that is perpetuated, and maintained by you until it is no more. The discipline of the Divine Fool teaches the which that going backward, and going forward are all illusions, because they are the often the exact same thing, particularly when it comes to the self-mastery of the witch.

Just because a witch is wise, does not make her infallible, and perpetually all-knowing, and it is in this, that the highest of disciplines is founded – it is the key to the cycles of the passions of the witch. That self-mastery first means an acknowledgement of ignorance/innocence, and then an action by the the trained, and disciplined will to transmute it.

It is this discipline that brings the witch full circle in the cycle of whatever trial she faces within the wild places. For once she has conquered one challenge, there will be a myriad of others to follow – such is the wilderness found within the mind.

(Written by Lea Frost of witchosophy.com)


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